Hiring skips to collect your household or commercial debris and trash is a simple task when you know what you want. Nevertheless, if you don’t know the size of the skip you want, you can always consult your hiring agency.

Before hiring a skip, you need to take note of the following details to be discussed with the skip hiring agency.

  1. What type (movable, immovable, with door or no doors) and size of skip you’re hiring.
  2. How long are you going to keep the skip?
  3. Where will you need to keep your skip? If you have no space and the only space available is the public highway across, you’ll need to consider acquiring a permit from your local authority.

Now, let’s go to the actual process of hiring a skip.

Road Permits for Skip Hire

Hiring a Skip

Once you’ve found the agency of your liking, the next step is to give them a call and discuss your needs with them.

If the skip you’re hiring is available and the logistics are available, they can deliver right and then the skip. However, if, in any instance, your skip is not available, you’ll have to wait for days.

Some skip hires accept payment via online in debit or credit, but in case they don’t accept such payment method, you have to be on the delivery site to hand them the cash personally.

Skips are delivered by lorries. Therefore, they’ll need a wide road to access your site. To help them out, let them know the approximate dimensions of the public roadways in your community.

Arranging collection of your skip

If you’ve specified the date of the skip collection, it’s a matter of waiting for you, but if you didn’t specify it, you could just call them about it, and they can collect it for you the same day or the next day.

When to Hire Commercial Skips

  1. Manage your waste
    Commercial spaces and workplaces have debris. Simple basket bins would simply be inconvenient, so you’ll need one large skip to put all your debris together. Skips are even more convenient if you’re commercial space manufactures or are under construction.
  2. To reduce your carbon footprint
    Most people don’t know how to manage their commercial waste well. Hiring a skip would wipe that worry for you.
    Skip hires provide sorting services too to determine recyclables from biodegradable ones. This greatly reduces our carbon footprint, which helps prevent detrimental effects on the environment.
  3. To ensure safety in your workspace
    Leaving your debris lying around your workspace could endanger your employees. Pieces of glass or chemicals lying around could lead to accidents.
    To prevent such accidents, you’ll need to put your trash in one place like skips.