Skip hire is a great disposal idea for a homeowner in any household activities such as home renovations, flooring, refurbishments, back-yard cleanup, and more. In skip hires, you also need to take note of the size and type of skips that you’ll need. Taking note of the size and type of skip you’ll need saves you a lot of money and time.

Most skip hire companies have wide-ranging types and sizes of skips. They can cater to huge projects like construction operation down to the smallest projects like kitchen refurbishment. Below are the types of skip types and sizes to choose from. Educating yourself in the measurements and terminologies of skips would make the transaction between you and the local contractor easy.

2-5 Cubic Yards Mini Skips

This type and size of skip are ideal for projects like old flooring disposal, furniture disposal, and the likes. They are the smallest skip that you can find but has enough space for your small projects. To imagine how much can these mini skips hold up, it can hold as many as 55 big black bags.

6-8 Cubic Yards Midi Skips

This skip is a slightly bigger size in space than the mini skips. If you’re renovating two rooms and disposing of heavy materials like bricks, roof tiles, and big furniture, this is your skip of choice. Midi Skips are also known as builders’ skips because they are also popular for construction type projects.

12-16 Cubic Yards Maxi Skips

This type of skip is great for a full house renovation. It’s cost-efficient if you want your skip to have a huge room for just about any projects. The 12-16 Yards Maxi Skips have enough space for 150 black bags. Maxi skips have tall sides too which gives your waste a lengthy floor height.

Roll on Roll off Skips

This type of skip meets very demanding types of projects. The size of this skip is from 15 to 40 cubic yards and have tall sized sides. Few homeowners need this, and if they do, they might be renovating a five-bedroom type of house or more.

Grab Hire

If your house is located in a place where large skips can’t be placed comfortably on the street or a corner, a grab hire type of skip is good for you. This type of skip is equipped with a lorry and a grab-arm mechanism.

This is a quick fix if you want to dispose of your waste away from your vicinity easily. You can call your local contractor, and they’ll come by and grab for your wastes. The length of the grab hire is usually 4 to 8 wheels long. This huge lorry could house up to 18 tonnes of waste.

Wait and Load

Wait and load skip hire is the alternative for grab hire. Like grab hire, Wait and Load skip hires is also ideal for homes that have no space for skip bins. Wait, and Load is also moved through a lorry, but it has no grab-arm mechanism, meaning, the waste has to be loaded via hands (it involves manual labour).

Like Grab hire, Wait and Load can easily pick your waste. Just call them up to set a pick-up schedule. Wait, and Load is quick and cheap. So, if you’re on a budget and you need immediate results, try Grab hire.