The 10 to 12 yard enclosed skips are perfect for larger jobs such as full house clearance or office waste clearances, as well as a whole host of commercial areas. Also it can hold about 110 to 120 bin liners of waste. Able to accommodate large amounts of high volume waste, such as wood, metal, plastics, and packaging waste, 10 to 12 yard enclosed skips are popular with shop fitters and on building and construction projects.

When managing your waste on site, enclosed skips can accommodate many different types of waste. To avoid any cross-contamination and maximise recycling, some types of waste should not be disposed of in enclosed skips. By adhering to a few simple rules, your waste can be collected and recycled sustainably.

Some of the many benefits of hiring an enclosed skip include:

  • When the skip is closed, you are preventing any unauthorised access from third-parties or fly-tippers, who may dispose of incorrect or hazardous materials in your skip.
  • Enclosed skips ensure that any waste materials that retain a value are not at risk of theft.
  • Overflowing skips and the waste they contain can become a hazard. Enclosed skips protect passers-by from debris or exposure to hazardous materials.
  • Our enclosed skips come in a range of sizes to accommodate your exacting needs.

For further information about hiring a 10 to 12 yard enclosed skip or to discuss your requirements in further detail, please get in touch with Best Skip Hire, our highly experienced team is always there to clear rubbish skip near you.

Measurements for a 10 yard enclosed skip

10 cubic yards 4′ 11″ 12′ 3″ 5′ 10″
8.85 cubic metres 1.5 metres 3.75 metres 1.78 metres

Measurements for a 12 yard enclosed skip

12 cubic yards 5′ 6″ 12′ 2″ 5′ 10″
9.2 cubic metres 1.68 metres 3.7 metres 1.78 metres