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We are experts in UK skip hire for home use and skip hire for trade, with the widest possible range of skips in the UK. We have mini skips, midi skips and builder skips. This means you get the right service for your needs. Just phone us now and we’ll take all the weight of your shoulders.


Best Skip Hire Supply The Following Building Materials

  • Concrete
  • Ballast
  • Sharp Sand
  • Building Sand
  • Hardcore

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  • We encourage recycling and safer waste management as we believe in maintaining the environment.
  • Fully licensed waste carrier.
  • Household, office, builders and industrial professional service.
  • Skips available for domestic and commercial use.
  • Same day, one hour delivery and collection.
  • Skips available from 4 – 16 yard.
  • 20 – 40 yard container.

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Hire a Skip Online | Mini Skip for Waste Management

Skip hires are essential to every building-related construction and deconstruction activities. So, whether you’re renovating that old house or simply dumping a large pile of garbage in your business site, you’ll need a reliable skip hire company to depend on. With that, there are some things to consider before calling that prospect skip hire company. The first of them is what type of materials are you planning to dispose of, and secondly, how much is the volume. These two important questions, when answered, will determine what type of skip size or sizes will you be needing. Before we answer that, let’s touch on the brief definition of skip hire first.

What is a skip hire?

Skip hire is a contractual work you call for the disposal, transporting, and storing of your high-volume waste. Think of skip hires as big vaults where you can dispose of and transport your high-volume materials. Skip hires have different sizes, and they are measured in cubic yards. The most common materials that you use skip hires to dispose of are (but are not limited to that) metal, paper, wood, and plastic.

The government you’re in is usually strict when it comes to the type of materials that you dispose of. For example, harmful chemicals and substances like asbestos can’t be disposed of in skip hires. There are proper avenues for such toxic materials to dispose to. Aside from material restriction, you and the skip hire owner needs to secure a permit from your local council in case the skip hire stays a while in public places like highways and public land patches.

Why rent a skip?

Below are some of the most important reasons as to why you should rent a skip:

  • Safety: Don’t underestimate the hazard that a messy place can give you. For example, in manufacturing agencies, disposal of waste is one of the safety requirements that the company needs to comply with. A messy place is a recipe for disaster. It can endanger the lives of the people working on your site.
  • Organized place: With skip bins, you can be sure that your residential area or working place is clean and organized. An organized working and living area encourages productivity.
  • You are helping the environment: Using skip bins for your waste disposal is a way of proactive waste management. With skip bins, you are essentially helping the environment from unwanted contamination, pollution, and more.
  • Convenience: Hiring skip hires your convenience in terms of disposing of your waste. One convenience of hiring one is that they can deliver skip bins right away to your residential area or worksites. According to your requirement, skip bins can be delivered to you on the schedule that you want. They could deliver it regularly on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Which Skip Size is best for you?

No skip size fits all. Each skip size is tailored for a certain waste volume. So, here’s a list of different skip sizes with brief descriptions. Get the basic idea for each skip size, so you know what your contractor is talking about.

  • 6 Yard Skip
    • This is called a small builder’s skip, but it can still be used for building and large businesses. 6 yard skip is great for domestic waste clearance. That’s why it’s often called the domestic skip hire. It comes with a drop door at the rear, but you can have an option of no drop door too. This type of skip size can hold at least 70 black bags and has the dimensions of 10ft length x 5ft width x 4ft height.
  • 8 Yard Skip
    • This commercial skip hire size is the most popular yard for buildings and other commercial areas. This size is great for landscaping projects and commercial waste disposal. This size can hold at least 80 black bags and has a cover door. You have the option of a skip with no cover door too. This size has a dimension of 12ft length x 6ft width x 4.5ft height.
  • 10-yard skip
    • This yard skip is a comfortable size for large projects. The size is great for bulky and large items. However, it is not suitable for soil and rubber removal. This size has a dimension of 12ft Length x 6ft Width x 6ft Height.
  • 12 Yard Skip
    • If you wanted a maxi skip, this 12-yard skip size would be the least of your “space” worries. It is comfortably huge to be used for commercial and industrial sites. You can order it with a cover or no cover. It has a high sided construction so bulky items can fit right in nicely. This size has a dimension of 13ft Length x 6.5ft Width x 6.5ft Height.
  • 10 / 12 Yard Skip Enclosed
    • This is a combination of 10 and 12-yard skip, which means it’s suitable for medium to large projects such as industrial sites and commercial sites. This is an enclosed skip, so you’ll expect a cover on its rear end.
  • 14 / 16 Yard Skip Open / Enclosed
    • This is ideally used for refurbishment construction projects. This size is great for light materials such as plastics, packaging materials, plasterboards, floorings, timbers, and so on. This is great if you want a safe and secure skip bin. Due to its enclosed option, you can store high-risk and valuable wastes here.
  • 14 Cubic Yard – Closed
    • This type of skip bin has front and back doors. It can be easily accessed if you wanted to transport large bulky items like cabinets and similar products. This skip is useful if you wanted a more secure bin. Strong winds can’t easily tumble this type of skips. This size has a dimension of Height 6ft, Length 14ft, Width 6ft 5in with a capacity of 6T.
  • 20 Yard roll-on / roll-off Skip

    • For projects that need a massive space for the equally massive volume of waste, this skip size and style is a good option. Usually, it’s hard to look for a 20 yard with a roll-on and roll-off feature. So, this is a score.
  • 40 Yard roll-on / roll-off Skip

    • This is the largest roll-on / roll-off option that you can get. This is also possibly the largest-sized skip in the United Kingdom. This type of skip yard is used for large dumpsites, high-rise building constructions, and more.
    • This size has a dimension of 20 Feet Long x 8 feet wide x 8.5 feet high (6.10m x 2.44m  x 1.07m). It has a capacity of 44 black bags.

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